First hat-trick against Scotland

Fred Spiksley became the first player to score a hat-trick against Scotland in 1893. Due to reporters at the time reporting incorrectly that Reynolds had scored England’s 5th goal in the famous 5-2 victory at Richmond, Spiksley’s achievement is not officially recognised by the FA.

There are several eye-witness accounts that back up Spiksley’s repeated claims that he scored the hat-trick. These include a player on the pitch, the secretary of the FA and the Editor of the Athletic News, as well as several others.

A document that compiled all the evidence of the hat-trick was submitted to the FA in 2015, but as they do not have anyone to make a judgement on such matters no progress was made.

New evidence has since arisen and this will be shared in due course. The authors of Flying Over An Olive Grove would encourage people to read the evidence by clicking here and make their own mind up about whether the hat-trick was scored or not.