First hat-trick against Scotland




Fred Spiksley’s hat-trick against Scotland has long been debated and currently the official records credit him with only 2 goals. In 2015 we compiled all of the known evidence that we have found that Spiksley scored the final goal of the game instead of Aston Villa’s John Reynolds. This is a historically important goal, as if credited to Fred Spiksley he would be officially acknowledged as being the first player to score a hit-trick against Scotland, which has only been achieved twice since by an England player.

We submitted the document to the Football Association, but there is no-one at the FA in a position to make a judgement.

The document is a compilation of all of the hat-trick evidence as well as an explanation ass to why the reporting of the final goal is inaccurate. We do accept that some people will believe that Reynolds scored the goal and this is reflected in the text of Flying Over An Olive Grove, but would urge people to read the document and make their own minds up on what they believe.