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The authors of Flying Over An Olive Grove have teamed up with Rich Stonehouse to lead the project in bringing Fred Spiksley’s story to both the big and small screen. This is a very exciting time and the story certainly has the potential to gain the wider appeal necessary. Anyone who is interested in supporting us or gaining further information should visit our sister website by clicking here, or contact Rich directly on rich@richstonehouse.co.uk

Guardian Newspaper Feature



We are delighted that Fred Spiksley features in The Guardian newspaper this Thursday 29 June. Fred’s story is the next instalment of the regular sports feature; ‘The Forgotten Story of…’

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Other articles from the series are well worth a read and are available on The Guardian’s website using by clicking here.


Amazon Reviews


We are delighted by the Amazon reviews that Flying Over An Olive Grove has been receiving. As you can see many have been very complementary. It makes all the hard work worth it to know that people are genuinely enjoying Fred’s amazing life story. Reviews have come in from supporters of a variety of different clubs, which has confirmed to us what we always believed; That Spiksley’s story has a much broader appeal than just the clubs that he played for. As much as we appreciate every sale on Amazon, we would obviously encourage people to buy directly from us here.


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Free Chapter


To mark the anniversary of Sheffield Wednesday’s 1st FA Cup victory on 18th April 1896 we started giving away Chapter 12 of our book – 1896 Hero – as a free sample Pdf. If you have not got our book and would like to see the quality of our work then this is a great opportunity to read a key chapter to see the level of detail that we managed to achieve. To get the sample chapter click here.

The opening chapter of the book is also available as a preview on Amazon, if you would like to start the book from the beginning.




Flying Over An Olive Grove has received a positive reaction from all areas of the Media. As you can see from below we have featured across a range of local, regional and national media outlets and have been bowled over by the kind comments we have been receiving. When people read the book they cannot believe that the story is true as it sounds more like a movie script than something that really happened. That’s one of the reasons that the book had to be written, to make sure that this wonderful football tale was not lost.