Film Update


We are pleased to say that we have now got a completed script that has been through several drafts and edits. We have built a team capable of creating a 90 minute documentary film that we hope will be out late 2019 or early 2020. We are currently planning a filming schedule for location work and recruiting individuals who will feature as talking heads. Filming is planned for the spring and summer. Follow our twitter account for more regular updates.

SELL OUT – Flying Over An Olive Grove – Due to sell out in 2018.

Our Fred Spiksley biography has exceeded all expectations. After achieving a second print run only 3 months after hitting the shelves in 2016 we are delighted that we have now less than 100 copies remaining from the 2000 printed. There are currently no plans to re-release the book, so if you have not got yourself a copy or are looking to start your Christmas shopping then please get it while you can.

Due to the limited amount of copies left we have moved all sales over onto ebay. Click Here to find our listing.

130 Year Anniversary of the Football League and remembering Kenny Davenport.

To mark the 130 year anniversary of the football league BBC Radio Manchester produced this commentary of the first ever league goal which was scored by Kenny Davenport of Bolton Wanderers. The importance of Davenports goal had remained an unknown fact for over a century until our very own Mark Metcalf had a hunch that something wasn’t quite right about the official records. Working with his friend Robert Boyling they hunted for the needle in a haystack that would prove Mark right. In 2013 Robert discovered the all important newspaper advert that proved that the kick-off time of the Bolton match was earlier than historians had previously considered and therefore the time of Davenports goal shifted forward.

Read the full story here

To listen to BBC Radio Manchester recreating Kenny’s goal then click on the image below.


Film Blog Launched


Our new blog has been set up so that you can keep a closer eye on our progress towards taking Fred’s remarkable story to the silver screen in a feature length documentary film. Those who made pledges on our Kickstarter campaign will also be able to track our progress on the production of the products they ordered. Click on the logo above to be taken to our Blogger site.

See you there!

Kickstarter a Success


Thank you to everyone who made pledges on our Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is an incredibly challenging way to raise money with less than a third of campaigns a success and even less in our particular field. We are there incredibly grateful to all of our backers who made it possible.
The success of the campaign means that the film is now certain to happen and we are currently busy recruiting a small team to produce it. We are at advanced stages of this process and will release more information once all positions are confirmed. We will also be announcing our main film sponsors shortly.



Kickstarter Launch

tom watt

Today we launched our Kickstarter campaign to partially fund the filming of our film; ‘Football – Birth, Growth, Domination!’ which will tell the story of how football started in Sheffield and was then taken around the world by one of the city’s greatest ever footballers. Please help us succeed in raising the £8000 needed to tell this important story across to the whole world.

Pledges can be as small as £1 and every pledge helps us. There are a range of rewards for individuals or businesses who would like to have a visual presence in the feature length film which will be filmed this summer.

Click here to be taken to our kickstarter page where you can see a video by former Eastenders actor Tom Watt. 

The Olive Grove Scrapbook

To purchase our books, print and scrapbook click here

Our Olive Grove Scrapbook has proved incredibly popular and was featured in the Sheffield Star Sports Retro on Monday 11 December. The scrapbook was produced for our Olive grove Years talk at Hillsborough in November and contains over 200 photographs, illustrations and clippings from Clive’s personal collection that he has spent a quarter of a century gathering whilst researching the life of Fred Spiksley. The Scrapbooks are available exclusively from us and make an ideal companion to our Flying Over An Olive Grove book. Both can be purchased directly from our online shop individually or as part of our range of Christmas gift packs which proved incredibly popular at the recent Victorian Christmas Market at Kelham Island.




Mark appeared on AllFm last Sunday (26 Nov ’17) and of course Fred Spiklsey came up in conversation. You can hear the interview here.

Help Kickstart our unique film based on the Fred Spiksley biography

Click on the image for more details on how you can be involved in this exciting venture that involves award winning producers and writers.


New gifts available for SWFC fans

We have added some exclusive gifts to our online shop in the run up to Christmas. Our Olive Grove Scrapbook has proved tremendously popular, containing 40 pages of photographs, illustrations and clippings from the period. Our colourised Photograph of the first SW team to play on Hillsborough has also proved a big hit. Both items were produced for our ‘Olive Grove Years’ event at Hillsborough and we are selling off the last of the stock. Once they are gone they are gone! The items can be purchased individually, or as a bundle.

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The Olive Grove Years Talk


Last 15 Tickets!!!

11th November – Hillsborough

There are only 30 tickets remaining for our Olive Grove Years talk at Hillsborough on 11 November. This is a brand new talk that we are doing and is a special one off event as part of Sheffield Wednesday’s 150 year Anniversary. All the information you need is below, we look forward to seeing you there.

Flier Front

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 Alan Biggs Show Appearance

Mark and Clive appeared live on the Alan Biggs show recently to discuss new evidence of Fred Spiksley’s hat-trick against Scotland in 1893 as well discussing Fred’s amazing life story. The whole interview is available on Alan’s Youtube channel in two parts and can be viewed here.

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Fred Spiksley Film

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The authors of Flying Over An Olive Grove have teamed up with Rich Stonehouse to lead the project in bringing Fred Spiksley’s story to both the big and small screen. This is a very exciting time and the story certainly has the potential to gain the wider appeal necessary. Anyone who is interested in supporting us or gaining further information should visit our sister website by clicking here, or contact Rich directly on rich@richstonehouse.co.uk

Spiksley Included In SWFC Dream Team Mural – Message From Clive


Fred Spiksley has been voted into Sheffield Wednesday’s Dream Team. A mural is being painted of Wednesday’s greatest ten players of all time to mark their 150 year anniversary on 4 September. Wednesday supporters voted Fred in, which is quite amazing when you think that no-one alive has ever seen him play. The painting is mural is being painted by the superbly talented Jamie Cooper and you can follow his progress here. Spiksley joins Ronald Nelson, Des Walker, John Fantham and Ron Springett in the Dream Team, with remaining players being reviled one at a time every Monday on SWFC.co.uk. Below is a message to Sheffield Wednesday supporters who voted of Fred.

Dear Owls fans,

As a member of the Spiksley family I would like to thank Sheffield Wednesday supporters for voting Fred Spiksley into your 150th Anniversary Dream Team Mural. Earlier this week our family were very surprised to discover Fred had received enough votes and I wanted to let you know that we are very grateful for this superb acknowledgement of Fred’s achievements at SWFC. We are very proud of him and it is humbling to think that you are too.

Not all of the players from Spiksley’s era can be acknowledged in a project like this, and we very much see Fred as someone who also represents a number of fine Wednesday players who made history for your club by becoming the first Yorkshire side to play top flight football, bringing in 1896 the FA Cup to Yorkshire for the first time, winning Sheffield Wednesday their first Football League Championship in 1903, not forgetting capturing the Second Division title in the first season at Hillsborough in 1899-1900.

When we heard about the Dream Team mural we did not believe Fred had any hope of inclusion. We expected people to vote for players that either they themselves or their parents remembered seeing play at Hillsborough. Why would anyone vote for someone who last played for the club 114 years ago? There are obviously many reasons why, we just didn’t believe that it would happen but we are delighted it did.

As much as we sent out via the spiksley.com site and across Twitter at @spiksleybook an encouraging message for people to vote for Fred there was no campaign to get him in. We did not ask individuals or groups to vote for Fred and as non-Wednesday supporters none of us or our families voted for Fred. We believed it was important that the decision was made by the people that the mural is intended for. It is therefore fantastic to see that Sheffield Wednesday supporters continue to recognise their history and the men who made the club what it is today. Fred would feel truly honoured.

Thank you again for voting for my Great Great Uncle. I cannot wait to see him in a mural featuring your other greatest players.

Clive Nicholson


We are delighted that Fred Spiksley is to feature in The Guardian newspaper/online at some point in the coming days. Fred’s story should be the next instalment of the regular sports feature; ‘The Forgotten Story of…

Other articles from the series are well worth a read and are available on The Guardian’s website using by clicking here.


Amazon Reviews


We are delighted by the Amazon reviews that Flying Over An Olive Grove has been receiving. As you can see many have been very complementary. It makes all the hard work worth it to know that people are genuinely enjoying Fred’s amazing life story. Reviews have come in from supporters of a variety of different clubs, which has confirmed to us what we always believed; That Spiksley’s story has a much broader appeal than just the clubs that he played for. As much as we appreciate every sale on Amazon, we would obviously encourage people to buy directly from us here.


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Free Chapter


To mark the anniversary of Sheffield Wednesday’s 1st FA Cup victory on 18th April 1896 we started giving away Chapter 12 of our book – 1896 Hero – as a free sample Pdf. If you have not got our book and would like to see the quality of our work then this is a great opportunity to read a key chapter to see the level of detail that we managed to achieve. To get the sample chapter click here.

The opening chapter of the book is also available as a preview on Amazon, if you would like to start the book from the beginning.




Flying Over An Olive Grove has received a positive reaction from all areas of the Media. As you can see from below we have featured across a range of local, regional and national media outlets and have been bowled over by the kind comments we have been receiving. When people read the book they cannot believe that the story is true as it sounds more like a movie script than something that really happened. That’s one of the reasons that the book had to be written, to make sure that this wonderful football tale was not lost.